Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hope Project

Hi believers :-)
Please read the below and consider doing as I have done - making another pledge, and then forwarding (copy and paste) this to every Christian you know in NZ, but with your own note at the top.
I wholeheartedly believe this project is needed - and pray you do the same. 
We will not communicate the Christian message clearly with every home in our nation next year without this - nor have we done so for 30 or more years in our nation, even though there is nothing to stop us from doing so. This is needed!
If we could connect this to a sizable group through emails, we could still pull this one off!


God Bless

Next year is the Gospel bicentenary in Aotearoa-New Zealand
 - and we could lose our greatest opportunity.
Do you believe it is important that the Christian message is somehow shared with all New Zealanders?

Would you help ensure the Gospel got to every home in NZ, if you had the opportunity?

If a team of people existed with a plan that could accomplish this, and their vision was going to fall over without your help - would you help?
This is the current situation!
-       The plan is ready to go - but we are $840,000 short of our '7 months to go' target.  
-       We are about to lost this opportunity... ...unless God's people stand to say otherwise.

What's the 'Hope Project' plan?
-       As a part of the bicentenary celebrations, the 'Jesus - all about hope' project is seeking to engage NZers in a conversation about Christian faith (sharing the Christian message) through multimedia in the Easter period - connecting with every home - which we've not done in NZ for 30 years. 
-       If you don't know about it, check out the vision at www.hopeproject.co.nz  
-       Check out some references at www.hopeproject.co.nz/references

The need: The project needs another $840,000 pledged by 9am on Monday 19th of August, 2013, to continue.

The solution: If we could we find 1000 people before 19th August who would give $200 - $5000, then the Gospel would go to every home, not only in their community - but in our nation - next year!
-       This is about the Gospel of Jesus, very well communicated, with reasons and stories to support, through a multimedia 'conversation' crafted by media professionals. 
-       It will be well presented, engaging, and hope-inspiring (See the website!).
-       This will bring life! 

Summary:  This won't happen unless a number of NZ believers stand and do something now to ensure it does.

Will you help make this happen?
- Please (1) pledge now at www.hopeproject.co.nz/donate   
- Then (2) forward this email, with your endorsement, to every believer you know in Aotearoa - so every home can hear.

Please make a decision now - because if you 'wait and see what happens', nothing will happen!  What will you do?

   "...how can they hear without someone preaching to them?" 
(Romans 10.14).
With thanks
Dave Mann 

Hope Project Coordinator            (www.hopeproject.co.nz)

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Tobys Adventure

Toby and I had an adventure today. Well I had an appointment to go look at a property for potential storage for Youth Zone gear. I took Toby with me I rolled up to what I thought was the address according to GPS (not clearly marked) Toby and I walked around building trying to find the person we were meeting. Annoyed I couldn't find anyone or the place got Toby and placed him in the van. Got around to the drivers door and found it was locked reached for my keys and saw them sitting neatly in front of Toby on the dash board. Raced over to Tobys door and found that locked to. Then that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach started to appear and I thought..... Oh No What Now?????. Checking over every door in van hoping one was open even checked all windows. Heres Toby smiling and oblivious to what was going on in my brain. I then reached for the phone I was sure Renate could come to my rescue. No phone that too was sitting nicely on the dashboard as well. Calmly speaking to Toby of which was all belted in and couldn't move much explained that I can't get in can you reach the door to open. Before I said more I heard a click of the door. I didn't even see him move. But quickly opened the door and found out he could lock the door with his toe. After a few words to Toby to never lock the door again. I never realised but after I closed the door he locked it with his foot (clever boy) So we then started off home and then saw the guy we were meant to meet about 200m down the road. Close but not close enough.......Then we got home and shared story with Renate she showed great sympathy by rolling around the floor with laughter. Renate adds: So last night as I was checking the kids before heading to bed, I hear Toby mumbling in his sleep.... I stood there a little longer and then I hear him say "tee dee!.... Ta da!... See, me open it!". Hahaha... I wonder if he was talking about the van door??!!?

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Chris Fulops take on Scottie from Rock Solid clubs

Who is Scott Slykerman and what is a Rock Solid Club???

We’re told not to judge a book by its cover …

If I were to be honest … the first time I laid eyes on the amazing book that is Scottie; the cover didn’t really
strike me as being something overwhelmingly relevant to young people. It sure didn’t make me think “Here
is the answer to all my questions on how to reach, entertain, and develop positive relationships with 11-14
year old kids” … imagine my surprise!!!

Scottie is the Rock Solid Guru. He’s been doing Rock Solid and Youth Zone stuff for so long now it’s almost impossible to think of one without the other. He’s incredibly passionate about seeing young people have an opportunity to experience all kinds of exciting things, while at the same time working on building them up and equipping them to deal wisely and effectively with the day-to-day choices coming their way.

Through on-going interaction with Scottie and his “wild antics” (wild in a good way), we developed a
relationship resulting in the emergence of Dargaville’s very own Rock Solid Club. Supported by youth
leaders and helpers from an assortment of local and Whangarei churches, Rock Solid Dargaville meets at
the Old Dairy Factory on River Road on Thursdays at 6.46pm.

What is Rock Solid?

Rock Solid is a “BLAST” … it’s a club for Year 7, 8 & 9 students (age 11-14 years).
It provides a safe and friendly atmosphere for young people to develop in physical, mental, social and
spiritual dimensions, while providing “HEAPS” of fun-filled activities jam-packed with opportunities to learn
life skills and to discuss issues significant in the lives of the young people attending.

Rock Solid is an absolute blessing to our community and to all of us involved in it.

Scottie … you’re the man!!!

Chris Fulop

Youth Worker and Senior Pastor
Lion of Judah Fellowship, Dargaville.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Rock Solid kids get pay back on Scottie

Scottie gets a blast of flour from Vacuum cleaner roulette
Scottie was on a role at the Rock Solid's Giant Pillow Fight in Dargaville and had just finished vacuum cleaning a few kids when he got put on the spot to face the vacuum cleaner himself. So being a good sport he did. Thanks Guys.....

All up we had an awesome night of pillow fights, games, music and heard what was coming up in Rock Solid. For this term. A Big welcome to our new visitors from USA who are part of a Love Works team of 15 that have come over to help for the next 3 weeks.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Our first mini frost for 2012 - Toby explores the ice

Today it was just cold enough to form ice on our boat cover with a light frost. Toby had fun breaking all the ice and was very upset when it melted away.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

My name is Hannah

My name is Hannah Stirling and I have been going to rock solid for the past year when it first started i thought it was a good way to make new friends and have a good time. For me going to rock solid was a way to get me out and about instead of sitting watching tv.
And when i went more often made me change my mind on that i should go to church. So as weeks went by and i kept going to rock solid this changed my mind ,to a diffreway to looking at god
Now i go to Rock Solid and its so much fun making new friends as they come each week. I have so much fun at Rock Solid with Jae, Nigel, Alison and Scottie if they didn't come every week. I wouldn't be going out on a Thursday night with my friends to rock solid and playing cool games and learning more life skills as life goes on.
 Also I learnt about heaps of cool miracles God has done so I thought that's pretty cool what Jesus has done for us like die on the cross to take away our sins  so i think that rock solid is an awesome thing to go to.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Flooding around Whangarei 19 March 2012

We went for an adventure to go see what Flooding we found around Whangarei.
First on our way to Wairua Falls we had to cross a portion of Road that had been flooded. From that point on the kids were hooked.

Then we arrived at the water falls and were amazed at the volume of water going over the falls.

On our way back we decided to go visit Oma and Opa out Hikurangi. Just North of Whangarei in Kauri they were stopping North bound Traffic and Diverting north bound traffic some where out Kauri Road. We continued North the road felt so strange with no vehicles around. We came across Jordan Valley Road which the police had closed looked spectacular with towo police cars blocking the road off and lights flashing and all. 
We got to Whananaki road alright (I was also thinking should I go to where the road was closed) continued to Oma and Opas to find the Cutforth farm totally flooded. I call it Cutforth lake. After a quick visit on our way home decided to go to Whakapara where St hway one was closed. Renates brother managers a farm up on puhipuhi and was unawawre he was totally stuck no roads in and out. I also discovered that the Wairua River crosses st hway one at Whakapara the same river we looked at the water fall further South West by Maungatapere.

Anya and Jesse loved there little adventure.

Heres how much rain has fallen at our place in Kamo.
Sunday evening 30mm
Monday 189.1mm
a Storm total of 219mm  for 2 days rain.

Places like Kaeo and Kerkeri had very major flooding and were cut off and some places lost power due to rain and heavy winds. 


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Jesse Lego Adventure - What Jesse's Lego gets up to while he's at School

While Jesse is at school his LEGO gets out and plays. It's been suspected for years ....now we have caught them on camera.

Jesse loves this video so much that he also asked us to go outside so his lego man could play again. We could simply just look in through the window. And watch what he gets up to.

Lego keeps him amused for hours now this has taken it to a new level. Will Daddy spill the beans and let him know hows it done. 

What do you reckon we should do? Tell him or not tell him?

Saturday, 11 February 2012