Wednesday, 21 December 1994

Dec 1994 - Original Support Letter Scottie YFC

I am writing this letter seeking your support as I step into 1995
as a full time Youth Worker for Youth For Christ.

I have been actively involved in Whangarei Central Baptist Church
since 1983 and will continue to be so in the future.

Many of my involvements in the past have been a stepping stone
to what I am about to embark on. God has called me to be a
Missionary, not over in Ethiopia but has put a burden on my heart
to reach the unchurched young people of this city of Whangarei
in which I grew up.

I have already commenced working with Youth For Christ and one
of my responsibilities will be to co-ordinate the Rock Solid
Club here in the city, and become actively involved with Whangarei
Intermediate School making my presence felt in the school.

Many of you will know of my interest in working with video
equipment, and in fact I have just returned from Summer Harvest
camp where I was working with a team of qualified people from
Auckland pulling the days activities into a video clip. This is
an area I see myself moving into more,, and one which I will be
developing for use in local Rallies and Camps.

I will be receiving regular training throughout the year, which
will result in my achieving a Youth Workers Certificate. My job
description is very varied and I am excited about the year ahead
of me.

My work as a Yacht Rigger for the past three years has taught me
lots. One of my attitudes to rigging, is that the mast has to
stay up in all sorts of weather. I have a desire to see young
people commit their lives to Christ and then to continue to stand
in their faith even when the storms of life crash about them. So
many of the young people we are dealing with have never been near
a church, and it is my desire to introduce them to Jesus through
our creative programmes and feed them back into a caring church
family where they can be nutured in their young christian faith.

You ask, well how can I help? Well because I don’t get paid in
the normal way, I need people who believe in what I am doing to
back me financially and in prayer.

My income at the moment is $0. If you can help on a monthly
basis could you please fill out the automatic payment form
attached or you may prefer to give gifts as you are able.
The costs I need covered at this stage are:
* Board $65 per week
* Vehicle Exp. $40 per week
* Incidentals $50 per week

Also my van is in major need of repair. If you are able
to help in any way, it would be really appreciated.

This is not an easy letter for me to write, but I believe
God has called me to this work and that He will provide
through his people.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this letter and to
consider this request.

Scott Slykerman (Scotty)