Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Introducing Baby TOBY SLYKERMAN

Scottie & Renate Baby News Update 

Hi there Everyone,

We are very happy to announce the safe arrival of our beautiful baby BOY, Toby Scott-Johannes Slykerman, on Tuesday 28th September at 10.53am at our home in Kamo.

Weighing in at 8lb 7oz (3840 grams)

Length 52cm
Mother, baby, father, Jesse and Anya are all doing well.

And the winners of the Baby Guessing Game are...

Height: Jannie (Oma), Uncle Peter Locke, Jesse, Shirley, Katrina M, LeeAnn McBrayer, Albert Jan Kwakman, Veronica, Ezra, Yana, Tracey G, Janice, Tracey Hayes, Shona Mac, Helen, Kat and Aunty Nikki
 First Name -  N/A
 Middle Name - Leni de Winter, Jo Delemare, Laura G, Jo M
 Weight - Jannie (Oma), Lil Ogle, Helen, Brett Slykerman

Who's got right date: BQ, Mike Wood, LeeAnn MacBrayer, Scottie (Daddy)

Overall Closest (Date, Time, gender:) Brendan (BQ)

Here are the photos of Toby Slykerman 
you can view ALL photos at 

Thankyou all so much,
God Bless you,
Scottie, Renate, Jesse, Anya and Toby Slykerman
 ________________________________ (renate) (scottie)
67 Crawford Cres, Kamo
Whangarei 0112
tel: 094355698

mobile: 0274782547


More Baby Photos will be posted at over and on on blog over coming days and weeks

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God Bless you

Scottie, Renate, Jesse, Anya and bump Slykerman
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