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December 1996 - Newsletter Scottie

Christmas Edition 1996

Please take time to sit down and read this for it is a newsletter full of inspiring news as to what I have been up to over the last 5 months. This is what I want to share with you. So get into a comfy chair with a nice drink & biscuit. There has been alot happening in my life and in club this year. My hope is that you will share in how God has been moving in my life & ministry with young people in Whangarei and Northland.
God Bless
Youth Missionary with Youth for Christ Northland

Y-ONE Roadshow 1996
This team aimed at form 1,2 and 3 students was in Northland for 3 weeks. They did 16 schools which involves lunchtime concerts & classroom modules with topics like Bullying, Peer pressure etc. Also they did 6 night time rallies incorporating music, dance drama, testimonies and talks to convey the message of how we are loved and accepted by Jesus for who are. The name of their tour was appropriate therefore, it was called The " Could you be loved?" tour. In our local rally in Whangarei we also ran a "chatter-ring"contest. For those of you who don't know what a chatter-ring is, it is the latest craze with kids. It consists of a metal ring with little washer type things on it. Any how these kids love them and can do amazing things with them.
Certainly over my head. In the Y-ONE report they chose Northland as the 2nd best centre
in NZ. One draw back however was the cost of the concerts at $4 a head. Next year we
are hoping to find people to sponsor a child $3 and for them to pay only a $1, which should boost the numbers coming to the rallies. For we don't want the cost to put someone off coming to hear about how Jesus can change their lives.
If you would like to sponsor 10 kids and donate $30 it would be an investment that would not be wasted.
World Vision trip to Africa 1997
I am really looking forward to going with World Vision to Africa in August - September. I really think that I need to see how these people are being helped by World Vision. Because I am a rep for 40 hour famine in Intermediate schools it would ideally help for me to share with our own children how some children live overseas in countries like Africa.
I will be spending 2 weeks over there visiting places like Zimbabwe & Zambia. I have been asked to run a couple of Rock Solid type programmes while over there. I have started informing people about this opportunity.
Scottie the Missionary
In August I was accepted by Central Baptist church as a missionary to be supported once a month. It is a great privilege to represent the church in such a capacity and really have have appreciated everybody's support. However, I am still scraping to keep my support to a decent level. I believe I am going to be in this ministry for the long term. At the moment I seem to be doing 60-65 hours work per week. I know this newsletter is full of me asking for money, for the projects I am undertaking, places I am going. But these won't happen if don't keep on living. Perhaps you have the odd $10, $20, $50 a month.
Please help Rock Solid
This notice is to inform you of how Rock Solid survives at the moment. To help put you into the picture I will try to explain how we usually survive during the year. Each week a child usually pays $2 to come to club. This goes towards supper , prizes, postage, petrol, office expenses and the list goes on. Rock Solid runs a BIG event at the start of the year called Wet 'n' Wild which is always a successful fundraiser. This keeps us going until April / May. We under took a different fundraising project in October selling detergent packs at $10 each pack (two bottles in each pack) & Rock Solid was meant to make $3 per sale. This was going to be our main fundraiser and had the potential to be long term. I soon found that it was harder to sell than originally thought which now leaves us with $300 worth of unsold detergent. I need to get rid of this unsold stock. I will sell it to you for what it cost at $7 a pack to get Rock Solids money back. I will even deliver it to your home FREE if in Whangarei of course.
Summer Harvest Camp
This year will be my 10th Summer Harvest and is surely going to be a real blast. This year the camp is already full at 1400 so please pray for us as YFC staff & helpers as we prepare things for camp. It is such a privilege seeing God move on the hearts of young people to bring eternal change and salvation. Please pray for all the young people at camp between 29th Dec & 4th Jan. That God will move in a mighty way in their lives. My involvement for camp started two months ago promoting camp to churches around Whangarei, helped organise cinema city ads, some technical stuff like EFTPOS, video etc. and different odds & ends around the office. I will be working at camp as part of the video team . Doing daily highlights & live Big screen video at the woolshed meetings.
Whats been happening?.......
If you came along on a Tuesday night to see our amazing children at Rock Solid (R/S) you would have been blown away by the potential these children have. As our new logo says "Fully on the edge" we are surely reaching into these young peoples lives.
We have averaged 50 children coming each week with the lowest club night being 30. We had 120 along to 1 club night.
If we had all our regular kids come along on one night we would have a club of 70. If you count all the kids that we have had contact with over the year there would be 170. But even though children are coming in droves we find that we can't keep them. The important thing is not how flash our programme is but the contact we have with these children lives. We are very short of volunteer leaders who enjoy working alongside these kids and sharing their love of Jesus with them. We are looking for "onto it" leaders for 1997 so see me if you are keen to help as a junior leader, leader or even as a helper. I am always on the lookout for amazing suppers for club nights so if you are a keen cook & you can help. I am also after vans and van drivers for camps and trips so let me know if you can help.
Contact me, Scottie at YFC, PO BOX1450 Whangarei, ph 4386059

New Rock Solid Clubs
Since my last newsletter we have had 3 new Rock Solid clubs start around the northern area. They are Dargaville, Hikurangi & Manaia. This now takes our total of Rock Solid clubs to 11 in Northland. These clubs are Wellsford, Kaiwaka, Dargaville, Manaia, Onerahi, Whangarei, Hikurangi, Moerewa, Kerikeri, Kaitaia & Taipa. We are now reaching out to over 500 11-13 year olds in Northland. Local people from local communities are reaching out to local young people. Ain't that great!!!
Spring Breakaway Camp
In September, I ran a Combined Rock Solid Camp for Whangarei, Onerahi, Wellsford & Kaiwaka. We had 100 campers and leaders with this years Y-One Roadshow team at the camp sharing through drama, songs, dance and testimonies. It was a "shorter than usual" camp but very action packed. On the Saturday night Y-One did a full on concert with 30 young people coming forward as first time commitments. The team later commented that this camp was their No. 1 highlight of their tour so far. We have already got next years team booked in for next years camp which is a bit earlier in the year (April).

Kids Camp
Myself and my friend Leighton took 2 van loads of Breakfast Club kids to be leaders at Lake Taupo Christian camp which runs a kids camp for 8-12 year olds. It was very successful with the 2 of the leaders being Rock Solid girls from my club. This gave me time to do video highlights during the camp which I showed each night just before lights out. I am definitely taking a group down next year after the awesome time that was had this year.
Tasmania Trip
This was definitely the highlight of my year. One thing that God hit me with was that I was trying to do too much on my own steam, so as a result of that I have dropped Campus Life. Although I will still help where needed. I learnt alot about myself and how he has developed me over the last two years. Tasmania is a lot like NZ, but it also has some really neat scenery of its own too. Overall I really enjoyed myself.

Answered Dreams

In my last newsletter in July I mentioned some of the dreams I was working towards. Since then I have had some amazing answers to my dreams............
1/ I have raised my support through individuals giving and my churches missionary committee.
2/ YFC has just about fundraised enough to get me into a Toyota Hi-ace by April 97 hopefully.
3/ I have got church cell groups and individuals praying for me and my ministry.
4/ YFC received some money to go towards video gear which I will use for camps, schools and YFC rallies. We are only $900 short now. I will be set up and going by 1997.
5/ By 1997 some of our children at Rock Solid will be ready to come to church of course this will take time.
6/ I have had an excellent bunch of leaders for 1996 but so many are moving on next year. This leaves me very short of leaders for 1997. So I am on the look out for new volunteer leaders.
7/ I have seen so many children respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ through YFC camps in Northland and Taupo. This shows that my God is alive and kicking and still changing young peoples lives today.

1/ Go over to Africa to see world vision in action & help work with young people over their for two weeks.
2/ I need 8 more leaders for 1997 for Whangarei Rock Solid.
3/ Start Running Rock Solid lunch times with a difference actually in the schools at lunch times .
Van Sponsorship
I need businesses to get behind the running costs of the Rock Solid van with sponsorship each year. So that we can run the van on the money generated by this sponsorship. What you get is a space on the van to put your Business name. Their is space available now. So if this interests you ,please contact me at the YFC office so that we can talk about this some more.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

If you would rather do a monthly automatic payment our account is:
Whg ASB Youth for Christ Northland inc.
123099 0616502 01 YFC Scottie wages.


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