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June 2007 - Slykerman Supporters Update

Slykerman family
Serving with
Youth Zone – YFC Northland
Supporters Update
June 2007

We really want to thank you for looking after us financially as a family – your support really does help keep our family in this mission to unchurched youth in Northland. Without you we couldn’t do what we do. So a BIG Thank You.

We have had a very busy last few months…..
Renate has an after school job on Thursdays teaching drama to 5-9 year olds for Holee Cow Productions, a local drama company. She is really enjoying it, and feels rewarded when kids gain their confidence and start to work cooperatively. Scottie comes home early from work on this day to take over the baby sitting duties.

Jesse goes to Mainly Music every week, and he absolutely loves it!! He is starting to understand some of the actions now, and it is neat to see him join in without the ‘help’ of mum. He has just had his first birthday!! He certainly was a spoilt little boy, and loved being the centre of attention!! We all had a neat day and evening.

Scottie has been enjoying the work of YFC and also ‘male bonding’ with Jesse. There are lots of hugs, kisses, rough and tumble and boys stuff going on! Jesse loved it when daddy brought home the bouncy castle and set it up in the backyard.

As a family, there are lots of things that we have been involved in mission together:
-Summer Harvest: Scottie, along with Mark Campbell are in charge this year, leading the leadership team! As a result, Scottie (and a few times Renate and Jesse) have been making many miles on the road between here and Auckland.
-Rock Solid: There is a strong core of 35 young people that turn up each week. We have been fortunate to have some imports from Germany helping on the team, but they leave soon, so we will be very weak in the leadership area. We would appreciate your prayers in this matter.
-40 hour famine sleepover
-On the road camp: Once again very successful and tiring. Jesse absolutely loved it and we had lots of babysitters offering their services! Renate was in charge of the food – that is quite a mission when you’re in a different kitchen every night!
-Surge (Project serve in Wanganui)
-Y-ONE: We had a full on two weeks touring Y-ONE through 16 northland schools and two night concerts with amazing results.
-Expressions talent quest
-Fuse held in Wellington. (Formerly known as CTC): We took the whole family down and were really impressed with how well Jesse travelled. He is a champion!
-The Gathering (YFC’s national AGM/get together)
-YFC NZ National Board member: Scottie is on the YFCNZ board helping guide YFC into the future.

As you can see, we have had a lot on!

We have been blessed to have Janine working with us for the year. She is due to go back to Germany in August. Scottie will really miss her help in the office. We also have had two others staying with us, while they helped on different mission projects with YFC northland – Joanne Catlow from England and Melody Winters from USA.
In July we have an American YFC Project Serve team of 14 coming to serve at the Summer harvest site to help with maintenance of the site.

Our Needs
-a family car. Our little trustworthy Suzuki at present is too small and it is time to upgrade.
-Our support is very low. Please pray for us as we approach people to help support us as missionaries in Northland. We have a current $1000 short fall each month. We are getting very behind in our bills.
-Dry firewood

Thanks once again thank you for being a BIG part of our mission. We really do appreciate your support.

Yours in Christ,

Scottie, Renate and Jesse
The Slykerman Family

PO Box 1450
Whangarei 0140
09 4386059 yfc
021 782547 Scottie Mobile
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