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Newsletter - February 2008

Slykerman Family
Supporters Update

February 2008

Hi all,

Well, as you read this update of our family, we would like

you to take the teabag enclosed, make yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy reading our letter with your feet up J

The most exciting news is that we are expecting baby #2 in August! We are all looking forward to it very much. Renate is working 1 ½ days a week at Matarau School, and is in charge of the music and drama programme for the middle and senior schools. She also does some of the senior teacher release.

Our highlights for 2007 were weekly Rock Solid, ethos weekend,Children’s Day, 40hr Famine sleepover, ontheroad camp, YOne band in schools around Northland, SURGE in Wanganui (a project serve), Expressions & new Fuse Talent Quest, the Gathering, Project Serve USA team @ summer harvest site, Converge, Spring Breakaway camp, YouthZone Ball, Summer Harvest School promos, Awesome Auckland Adventure at Rainbows Rampage, Fiji Safari Camp & Summer Harvest.

2007 was an amazing huge year for us and also hard to say good bye to an amazing bunch of core volunteers who have moved on to other things and places.

Raising up Northland Young People to have

a future and a hope through Jesus Christ

Summer Harvest was great. We came back very tired, but satisfied with the way it went. We had a great break over the holidays, as we went camping with another young family. The weather was spectacular, which always helps!

Young People – Their Future – Our Passion

Scottie has been busy getting the year started with finding leaders for Rock Solid, and getting the first few weeks organized. Scottie is involved on the National Incedo (YFC) Board in which involves the odd trip to Wellington. He is also at home with Jesse on a Wednesday, and they enjoy their ‘daddy day’ together. To catch up on what else we are doing visit

Jesse is growing up fast! He goes to ABC childcare on a Monday, and he enjoys the variety of activities that are offered there. He always comes home extremely tired! He loves going to Mainly Music, as well as toy Library and the preschool fun time at the library.

We hope you enjoyed reading about what we get up to.

Lots of love,

The Slykermans

Scottie, Renate & Jesse

Information & Photos
Scottie and Renates
YouthZone – Incedo Mission Adventures ONLINE

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