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April 2009 - Update

Slykerman Family Update April

Scottie and Renate Update for APRIL 2008
The year has started well. We saw 2009 in at Summer Harvest. We had a great time at Harvest. Jesse enjoyed exploring around camp with a variety of people, and Anya took sleeping in a tent etc.. in her stride. There were two other babies there so the other mums and Renate enjoyed hanging out and pushing buggies together!

Family Holiday
We spent just under a week camping. We had a fantastic time just spending it with each other. The days were hot and humid – so it was great to be able to swim in the water most days. Our camping neighbours were great, and they had a little boy about a year younger than Jesse – but that didn’t stop the boys enjoying each others company and sharing their toys.

Now that school has gone back we are all back in the swing of things:
Scottie has started the year well with Incedo (YFC) work. There are a number of things happening in the first half of the year, so the team is busy organising and planning those events now.
Renate is enjoying being a mum. The fine weather means she can be outside enjoying the sun with the kids. She has just joined the Toy Library team and looks forward to picking out some new toys!!
Jesse and Anya are doing great!
Their days are filled with various coffee groups, toy library, mainly music and the Library preschool funtime. We have 2-3 days a week where we stay home so they can just potter about and relax in a known environment.

Surge Whangarei 16 -19 April
Surge came and went from Whangarei. See the photos in the Northern Advocate
Photos from Northern Advocate 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

We pulled off a great Surge weekend and just got home for some much needed rest. We worked on about 14 or 15 projects all around Whangarei and were able to finish each and everyone of them. All of the teams were extremely happy and felt great about the work they were able to complete. The organizations and individuals we worked for were blown away to see the young people (as well as the not so young people) working with such diligence and care. Thanks for all of the support and prayers.
SURGE 2009
April 16-19 (Thurs-Sun) Whangarei Surge Event Overview Who: The Whangarei Community in partnership with Incedo New Zealand (anticipating 50 staff and 100-150 youth from all over the country) What: Three days of community service projects around Whangarei. We will be working with local organizations and individuals to help complete projects and clean up around the community. We will be doing everything from painting, to clean up, to trail repair, to helping old ladies cross the street and everything in between... When: Thursday 16th April- Sunday 19th April 2009 Where: Out of town volunteers accommodated at local maraes, schools, churches, etc. Why: To demonstrate, and inspire the increased impact of partnering together to work for the good of others. Also to give young people and example of what it means to help others and show them something else to do with their weekends. Surge is an annual project run by Incedo New Zealand (
 "Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words" - St. Frances Assissi

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