Tuesday, 21 March 1995

March 1995 - Newsletter Scottie YFC


I have had a very busy two months with the launch of Rock Solid.

On the 17th February we held our Rock Solid Opener which was a
‘Wet N Wild’ night at the pools, which I can safely say was a success.
We had just over 565 screaming 11 - 13 yr olds but they all had a
great time, and we managed to have some funds left over to stop the
accounts from reaching the horrible red colour that sometimes occurs.
This should help with all the expenses up ahead.

Then on Tuesday 21st February, we were expecting hundreds of young
people to our first club night, but much to our surprise 25 turned
out. We of course were very dissappointed so had to think of some
thing really creative to do . I decided to send a choôolate fish
to every one who had attended that night along with a short note
of encouragement for them to come next week and bring along a friend.
This must have worked well as the next week saw 55 young people along
at club. This number has been quite stable.

This term at club we are looking at topics like: violence — how to
cope with it at home and school, The Starvation Solution which
relates to the 40 hr famine and Easter Eggstravaganza.

This week we have staff training which all our staff attend and benefit from.

My day off is a Wednesday. Recently a few of us went out on a Chartered Fishing trip that I had
organised as a Christmas Gift for Garth. It was amazing and did we catch fish!! I’ve never seen so many in my life before. So every so often we do
something really different to get away from the work load.

I just want to say thank you very much for the support you have
given me so far and how much it has been appreciated and very much
needed. Please keep praying for me especially in the following areas.


When I am away in Auckland for two weeks and travelling back and
forth to Whangarei to run Rock Solid.

Then I am off to North Island Training in Taupo followed by a week
in Taranaki for what we call a A-One Block course from 3rd - 7th April.
Please pray for safety as I travel, for finance to cover my expenses
and of course that I learn alot over this time.

Prayer Support Team

I feel that I need a team of people who will pray for me in this
ministry as I am very much on the cutting edge.

The Young People

Please pray for the young people that I am dealing with through
club, that what we teach them will lead them to Christ and to follow
in His footsteps.


One major activity coming up this weekend, is the Famine Fun Sleep-
over. We are going to reconstruct a refugee camp here in Whangarei
in a hall, making huts out of cardboard boxes and newspaper. We will
be running crazy 3rd world type crowd breakers and watching a movie
on the big screen video, then hopefully a bit of sleep before having
an early morning swim.

Already we have 60 names confirmed of young people coming and we are
hoping to draw new young people through this event to club.

Thankyou again for your interest and support. I will keep you in
touch with my happenings on a regular basis.

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