Monday, 22 June 1998

You have been sent this Newsletter because you are very special to our ministry with young people in Whangarei and in Northland.

This year has been awesome being married. It has helped me so much in this line of work, to talk out the worries of the day. The place where we are staying is absolutely perfect for us.

Renate is really enjoying her 2 ½ days a week teaching, and is making good progress with her university studies. Renate is well on her way to finishing her degree. The latest additions to her class are two little chicks which she absolutely adores.

I have been kept busy over the last two terms with all sorts of things. I have enjoyed the new challenges that have been involved in looking after the running YFC while Garth takes a well earned break. I guess you could call this acting director.

Rock Solid club is going well for our team in Whangarei. Our club strength is due to the great team that is supporting me in my work on the actual coal face. It has been of great concern to me to see some of our other Rock Solid Clubs fall over due to lack of leadership.

Renate and I have also learnt the importance of balancing our work with our married life.

Doing Bible in schools last year saw familiar faces coming to Rock Solid which was a dream of mine and of course I took up bible in schools again this year.

I always look forward to Wednesdays because that is when Renate comes home from school at lunchtime for the rest of the day. We go shopping, and get to spend the rest of the afternoon together.

I have got a small group of excellent 11-13 year old boy’s. We just recently had an all out play station night a couple of weeks ago. The evening was topped of with ice-cream and coke.

Another thank you for being part of our team in reaching young people with the good news of Jesus Christ. Please keep us in your prayers as we really do appreciate them.

God bless you,

Scottie and Renate Slykerman
Youth for Christ Northland

P.S. If you would like to drop us a personal note, address it to:

Scott and Renate Slykerman
28 Mair Street

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