Thursday, 22 October 1998

Dear Scottie Supporters,
Thankyou very much for being a vital part of my ministry, which enables me to do this work with Youth for Christ Northland. I value your support very much.

Scotties small group -roller rocketing

A few months ago a home group from my church sent me this letter which was an encouragement to me this is how it reads "Scottie we are glad to be able to do this knowing that you are so very much involved with young people. We who are "too old" to be actively involved, have pleasure in knowing that what little we can do "in the background" is being used so effectively on the battle front." This letter shows me how all of you are supporting me in prayer & financially. Thank you.

I have been full time YFC now for 4 years running Rock Solid. I have been thinking about the number of times I have said "this has been my best year" Well each time I seem to just improve and grow. This time last year we were struggling with our numbers at club. But this year our club numbers have exploded. During the winter our lowest number was 50 with the largest at 90 children. Our average has been around 65 children weekly. This term I have had a new idea to specially invite standard fours to Rock Solid for term four only. The main group which will come will be my Bible in schools class at Maunu Primary. We have exposed them to Rock Solid during school time. We will be looking at huge numbers like 100 children this term so please pray for this too.

We are looking at hitting on serious issues this term like relationships (baiting, dating & mating), youth suicide (feeling stink), Sin (Back the Front). Plus we are having events like Motor Mania, Waiwera trip, 24hr camp & a BBQ Bash with Parents.

I am really enjoying the small group work. Recently I was a nightmare to the parents by taking my 12 boys out to a farm on our four wheel bikes, where they got extremely muddy. They absolutely loved it. Other crazy things we have done after school has been roller rocketing down very long drives. I am planning to do a small group camp over labour weekend. Small group activities are such an awesome opportunity for me to get to know the children one on one, and also share my relationship with Jesus. I also have grown over this time.

In YFC we have this saying "3pm out" -which means all our administration has to be done and we go out and visit families of the children from Rock Solid. Just this week I had the opportunity to do this with a new boy's family who is now going to come to club. So pray that I can keep up with my paper shuffling so that I can spend more time with young people.

Renate's been offered 3 1/2 days a week at the primary school that she is teaching at, which is up on her 2 1/2 days a week. Renate has got exams at the moment for her university papers for her degree. Next year she should finish off her degree.
The big thing we are trying to pay off is the student loan she took out to do the teaching course.

Another BIG thank you for being part of our team in reaching young people with the good news of Jesus Christ. Please keep us in your prayers as we really do appreciate them.

Renate enjoying our new couch.

God bless you,

Scottie and Renate Slykerman
Youth for Christ Northland

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Scott and Renate Slykerman
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