Thursday, 5 April 2012

My name is Hannah

My name is Hannah Stirling and I have been going to rock solid for the past year when it first started i thought it was a good way to make new friends and have a good time. For me going to rock solid was a way to get me out and about instead of sitting watching tv.
And when i went more often made me change my mind on that i should go to church. So as weeks went by and i kept going to rock solid this changed my mind ,to a diffreway to looking at god
Now i go to Rock Solid and its so much fun making new friends as they come each week. I have so much fun at Rock Solid with Jae, Nigel, Alison and Scottie if they didn't come every week. I wouldn't be going out on a Thursday night with my friends to rock solid and playing cool games and learning more life skills as life goes on.
 Also I learnt about heaps of cool miracles God has done so I thought that's pretty cool what Jesus has done for us like die on the cross to take away our sins  so i think that rock solid is an awesome thing to go to.

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