Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Chris Fulops take on Scottie from Rock Solid clubs

Who is Scott Slykerman and what is a Rock Solid Club???

We’re told not to judge a book by its cover …

If I were to be honest … the first time I laid eyes on the amazing book that is Scottie; the cover didn’t really
strike me as being something overwhelmingly relevant to young people. It sure didn’t make me think “Here
is the answer to all my questions on how to reach, entertain, and develop positive relationships with 11-14
year old kids” … imagine my surprise!!!

Scottie is the Rock Solid Guru. He’s been doing Rock Solid and Youth Zone stuff for so long now it’s almost impossible to think of one without the other. He’s incredibly passionate about seeing young people have an opportunity to experience all kinds of exciting things, while at the same time working on building them up and equipping them to deal wisely and effectively with the day-to-day choices coming their way.

Through on-going interaction with Scottie and his “wild antics” (wild in a good way), we developed a
relationship resulting in the emergence of Dargaville’s very own Rock Solid Club. Supported by youth
leaders and helpers from an assortment of local and Whangarei churches, Rock Solid Dargaville meets at
the Old Dairy Factory on River Road on Thursdays at 6.46pm.

What is Rock Solid?

Rock Solid is a “BLAST” … it’s a club for Year 7, 8 & 9 students (age 11-14 years).
It provides a safe and friendly atmosphere for young people to develop in physical, mental, social and
spiritual dimensions, while providing “HEAPS” of fun-filled activities jam-packed with opportunities to learn
life skills and to discuss issues significant in the lives of the young people attending.

Rock Solid is an absolute blessing to our community and to all of us involved in it.

Scottie … you’re the man!!!

Chris Fulop

Youth Worker and Senior Pastor
Lion of Judah Fellowship, Dargaville.

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