Sunday, 4 August 2013

Tobys Adventure

Toby and I had an adventure today. Well I had an appointment to go look at a property for potential storage for Youth Zone gear. I took Toby with me I rolled up to what I thought was the address according to GPS (not clearly marked) Toby and I walked around building trying to find the person we were meeting. Annoyed I couldn't find anyone or the place got Toby and placed him in the van. Got around to the drivers door and found it was locked reached for my keys and saw them sitting neatly in front of Toby on the dash board. Raced over to Tobys door and found that locked to. Then that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach started to appear and I thought..... Oh No What Now?????. Checking over every door in van hoping one was open even checked all windows. Heres Toby smiling and oblivious to what was going on in my brain. I then reached for the phone I was sure Renate could come to my rescue. No phone that too was sitting nicely on the dashboard as well. Calmly speaking to Toby of which was all belted in and couldn't move much explained that I can't get in can you reach the door to open. Before I said more I heard a click of the door. I didn't even see him move. But quickly opened the door and found out he could lock the door with his toe. After a few words to Toby to never lock the door again. I never realised but after I closed the door he locked it with his foot (clever boy) So we then started off home and then saw the guy we were meant to meet about 200m down the road. Close but not close enough.......Then we got home and shared story with Renate she showed great sympathy by rolling around the floor with laughter. Renate adds: So last night as I was checking the kids before heading to bed, I hear Toby mumbling in his sleep.... I stood there a little longer and then I hear him say "tee dee!.... Ta da!... See, me open it!". Hahaha... I wonder if he was talking about the van door??!!?

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